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Piston Rod Packings

Over two decades of experience & expertise gives us the ability to manufacture compressor-packing components that satisfies specific reciprocating compressor requirements. Demanding quality standards are what makes our conventional radial-tangent packing rings so reliable — and long lasting. These precision, light-tight seals compensate for wear, movement of the rod, and changes in pressure, service or temperatures.

Piston Rod Packing are offered in an almost unlimited variety of materials - and designs for unidirectional & bi-directional sealing; low-pressure vent sealing & gas purge sealing combined with exacting manufacturing & quality standards. Also available are high pressure rings with metallic backup. Additional types of ring configurations for specific applications can also be recommended.

Piston Rod Packing are manufactured from various composites of PTFE - Glass fiber, Glass graphite, Glass molybdenum-disulphide, Carbon, Graphite, Ceramic, Bronze & Bronze molybdenum-disulphide for applications in low to high pressure & continuous duty air and gas compressors. Piston rod packing is available for rod sizes 1" to 12".